Kelly's Pet Resort 

 About Us

Kelly Greir, owner/manager

Kelly and Mark Greir are the proud owners of Kelly's Pet Resort. They built the facilities and started the business in 2006. They sold it late in 2009. After a 4.5 year break they returned as the owners in June, 2014.  Kelly has been raising, showing and breeding purebred dogs for 24 years. She started with golden retrievers and currently breeds West Highland White and Border Terriers under the kennel name Mysticgold. She enjoys being part of a team of experienced animals lovers who provide exceptional care and attention to all of the pets left in their care. Her goal remains the same as the previous owners which was to make Kelly's Pet Resort a positive experience for both pet and owner.  She welcomes you to visit the Pet Resort for a tour Monday to Saturday during the Customer Service Hours.  She knows you won't be disappointed!

FACILITY:  "State of the Art" Design

Kelly's Pet Resort is a "state of the art" boarding kennel for dogs and cats.  Our facility has heating, air conditioning and a Hav-Vac air flow system providing a constant flow of fresh air.  There is no chain link fencing, cages or cement floors inside our kennel.  Instead, each dog and cat room is large, with walls and doors made of melamine finished wood.  We have radios playing 24/7, the kennel is very bright and clean, and each animal gets lots of individual attention. The outdoor runs for the dogs are very large and each dog is taken out individually 4 times per day.  Group play times and walks are also available for the dogs at a extra cost. The cats have a 3 level enclosure and a large window for viewing farm land and a bird feeder.  We ensure that the kennel is a safe and secure environment for both cats and dogs.

At Kelly's Pet Resort we have many repeat customers who are grateful that their dogs and cats return home relaxed and happy after their visit.  Also, many owners are surprised at the level of excitement their dogs display upon returning to the Resort.  This is evidenced when the dog pulls them through the door in anticipation of the fun that awaits. Everyone who works at Kelly's Pet Resort adores animals and has a good understanding of animal behaviour and psychology.