Our Facility & Staff

Our Staff:


Kelly Greir, owner/manager

Kelly and Mark Greir are the proud owners of Kelly's Pet Resort. They built the facilities and started the business in 2006. They sold it late in 2009. After a 4.5 year break they returned as the owners in June, 2014.  Kelly has been raising, showing and breeding purebred dogs for 24 years. She started with golden retrievers and currently breeds West Highland White and Border Terriers under the kennel name Mysticgold. She enjoys being part of a team of experienced animals lovers who provide exceptional care and attention to all of the pets left in their care. Her goal remains the same as the previous owners which was to make Kelly's Pet Resort a positive experience for both pet and owner.  She welcomes you to visit the Pet Resort for a tour Monday to Saturday during the Customer Service Hours.  She knows you won't be disappointed!



I was one of those kids who was animal crazy. If you asked me what my favorite animal was I would say a dog. Or a cat. Or maybe a horse..? Although I thought monkeys would make great buddies too.  I was the one in the neighborhood who brought home all the stray and injured animals, including a sick squirrel and a crow that couldn’t fly! I grew up with dogs and cats of every size and colour. I even had a little 3 legged toad that came to visit every morning for an entire summer. It used to wait outside the back door for me each day. (True story!) My plan for the future was simple: Become a vet, have my own hobby farm and run a bird sanctuary on the side! Well, life doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will, although we did have a small hobby farm for a few years.  Our own kids were also raised to believe every home should have some kind of furry companion. And we had our share of rescue dogs and cats too. (not to mention all the hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mynah birds and parrots!) We also did boarding for our friends’ critters and birds, two of our favorite regular visitors were an African grey parrot and a Cockatoo.

Then about fifteen years ago at a family reunion I was introduced to a breed of dog called the Havanese. It was love at first sight! At that time they were a relatively new breed in Canada, and I didn’t hear about them again until a few years later. With the help and support of our breeder friend we entered the dog show world. Then after the tragic death of our 18 year old son Sean, we were encouraged to take on a breeder’s role. A family conference decided on the name Seantiago and what began as a therapeutic adventure evolved into a total new life style. What can I say? Our family has truly gone to the dogs! (but don’t tell that to our cats Meeyieux and Hannah!).

Since I have started working at Kelly’s Pet Resort, I feel a little like that animal-crazy kid again… getting to go to work with dogs and cats,  enjoying those little tail wags and snuggles (….don’t forget about  the face washes!) It’s pawsitively the best way to spend a day!



I have been an animal lover all my life.  When I was younger I spent many hours on my grandparents farm.  They had pigs, cows and tons of barn cats.  I then got my first dog "Pepsi" when I was nine and she was with us for 15 years.  While in high school I volunteered at my local humane society. It was this interaction with the animals that made me decide that I wanted to work in this type of career.  I ended up going to to St. Lawrence college in Kingston, Ontario where I complete my studies and graduated as a veterinary assistant.  After graduation I have worked at three different veterinary clinics where my main focus was running their boarding kennels...which I loved.  

During all this animal interaction, I married my husband and eventually put my career on hold to become a mom.  I have traveled around the country with my family as my husband is in the military and we have been posted all over Canada.  I have four wonderful children and while I was at home raising them I went back to school and became a certified daycare provider for 11 years.  During this time I continued with volunteer work at my local shelters, spent some time with the BC SPCA Wild Arc and even worked part time with an animal shelter in Cold Lake, Alberta.  

Now that my husband is retiring from the military, we have decided to call Duncan home.  My kids are growing up fast and are all in school now.  This is why I have continued working with animals where my passion comes out the greatest. I'm thrilled that I get to enjoy the company of your pet here at Kelly's Pet Resort and to take care of them while you can't be with them.  

Our Facility:

Kelly's Pet Resort is a "state of the art" boarding kennel for dogs and cats.  Our facility has heating, air conditioning and a Hav-Vac air flow system providing a constant flow of fresh air.  There is no chain link fencing, cages or cement floors inside our kennel.  Instead, each dog and cat room is large, with walls and doors made of melamine finished wood.  We have radios playing 24/7, the kennel is very bright and clean, and each animal gets lots of individual attention. The outdoor runs for the dogs are very large and each dog is taken out individually 4 times per day.  Group play times and walks are also available for the dogs at a extra cost. The cats have a 3 level enclosure and a large window for viewing farm land and a bird feeder.  We ensure that the kennel is a safe and secure environment for both cats and dogs.

At Kelly's Pet Resort we have many repeat customers who are grateful that their dogs and cats return home relaxed and happy after their visit.  Also, many owners are surprised at the level of excitement their dogs display upon returning to the Resort.  This is evidenced when the dog pulls them through the door in anticipation of the fun that awaits. Everyone who works at Kelly's Pet Resort adores animals and has a good understanding of animal behaviour and psychology.

For the protection, safety and security of all our boarding "guests" we are constantly upgrading our facilty.

In 2017 we upgraded to professionally installed FIRE ALARM SYSTEM.
This system is monitored 24/7 by a local company.